Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all
And sweetest is the gale is heard; and sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm...
~Emily Dickinson

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Discovery of the human body...

Oh what a beautiful time in life...when body parts are fascinating.
They are just that too....not "fat" or "stretch marked" or "too small"....blah blah blah.

Kannon discovered his boy tool (aka penis ) when he was about 3ish...
I remember it vividly.
The UPS man is at our door when I see him all of a sudden smirk while looking over my shoulder.
I look back at Kannon who has his pants off and is swaggering about showing his tool off to the UPS guy. Then his tool not being used to all the fresh air decided to go Pee Pee right then and there. Good stuff, but it gets better....
Then about 10 minutes later after I had managed to wrestle some clothes on him I came out of the kitchen to find Kannon with the blinds pulled up at the front window of our house naked with ALL his glory smashed up against the window doing some very advanced hip movements...
Good thing there just happened to be some nice elderly folks walking their dog out front enjoying the show....at least they found it amusing and didn't call social services for child indecency.

Kannon has never done anything half ass...he goes ALL out in a big way.

He put his boy tool on the sidelines for a bit, but has recently realized its presence once again in a big way.
The other day while I was dressing him he looked down and realized his guy was "hiding" in it's shell so to speak...
He goes "mommy it's gone"and freaked out.
He grabbed it immediately and was desperately trying to get the turtle out of its shell...
Good thing that only took about .7 seconds. Some things just don't change for men do they?!
Anyways, he was SO relieved that his boy tool had not suddenly disappeared.
So relieved that he has to do hourly checks on it...
Full on inspections of his junk.
Pants off, pants down and pat down of the concerned area.
Mind you, in our home this is fine...but at the grocery store its not as cute.

He decided today that he needed to put some hand sanitizer on it.
After hearing a shriek from the bathroom I found him with a very surprised look of anguish on his face...but at least he was clean :)
He also wonders if putting baby powder on it will somehow enhance it...like it needs dressing or something.
He is also very skeptical about the fact that his sister does not have the same tools as he does.
He realized this the other day while they were in the bathtub together.
He wasn't sure what to do about it, so he just pointed at her, looked at me and said "why"?
I really couldn't figure out an answer to such a big question...the best I could come up with that he would understand was "because mommy made her that way".
He didn't seem convinced.
In fact I got a bit of a glare...like I was hiding something.

Maybe this is too long of a rant about this topic, but it cracks me up to see how wonderfully new this is to him...even if it is for the second time.
He is truly fascinated with it and is really concerned about "it".
I love when he shows signs of somewhat normal behavior in regards to child development...
He is showing emotion, reaction, and patience that sometimes escapes him in other situations.

Even if it is quirky, and sometimes awkward, I will continue to let Kannon figure this situation out all on his own.
I know he will come to a conclusion someday about the matter...appropriately so...hopefully...


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