Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all
And sweetest is the gale is heard; and sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm...
~Emily Dickinson

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love just is...possible.

Today was my late father's birthday.
He would've been 69.

I find the more time passes it gets easier without him physically being here.
I still miss his voice, support, and love though...that will never fade.
He is and always will be my only father, and I am thankful I had him the short time I did.
We all only have 1's on our lives....1 father, 1 mother, etc.
However, lately I was reminded you can still have people care for you just as much if not more than your 1's.

I have a small family, I cherish them and my time with them...you have to when you have only a handful of family.
I had the chance to go home for Thanksgiving, and I was shown just how others can care for you as if they were your father, mother, etc...

I was reminded how cared for I am on different levels...and it was a nice reminder of human nature.
Just because someone is not your blood, doesn't mean you can't feel deeply for them.

I was reminded of what I feel I am always trying to say...we are all just people wanting love, respect, and care.
All of these emotions can come to you through people no matter what their relation to you.

When you stop being selfish and start loving...open your heart to others...that is when you really can receive gifts in life.
If you choose to listen, love, and receive all that is out there for you you may be surprised by the results.

We are all blessed, and we are all capable of finding love in unexpected places.
I found more love in my family than I knew existed...I bet most people could do the same if you choose to.

Life, love, and compassion is always around us.
We must let down our insecurities, preconceived notions, and start allowing.

Kannon is not my peer....nor my teacher in socially accepted terms...however, in all truth he has taught me more than any human being.
When I let myself allow other life possibilities is when my life became possible.

peace :)

p.s. Happy Birthday Dad...miss you, love you, hope you are proud of where I am.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Giving thanks

I am thankful for this little girl :)

She loves deeply just like me.
One of my favorite things in life is when she and I cuddle up together and read books...she is the best cuddle bug.
She sits down and listens to Kannon when no one else will.

Thank you for my little sassy angel :)

I am thankful for this little man :)

He has been the most challenging gift life has given me.
He brings me to tears and touches my soul like no other.
His smile is all I need to have a good moment.

Thank you for my little guy :)

I am thankful for this guy... :)

He has always filled my heart with laughter and fun.
He loves and respects my kids, just as they do him...what more could I ask for?
He loves making me smile...and I love that.

Thank you for Ky.

I hope everyone takes a second to give thanks to those who touch our lives.
I have many more people I am thankful for...just didn't have their pictures on hand :)

We all need each other, we all learn from one another, we are all just human beings who deserve the same amount of love and respect.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

May you all eat lots, smile and laugh a lot, and never take your loved ones for granted...

peace :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

just a thought...

The world is such a huge place...I know I am a genius for stating such a fact.
I just hope all people realize how truly powerful we are.
Our thoughts, our actions, our words....they can absolutely make the world a better place.

I try for a few minutes each day to state my intentions...
I always make intentions to be a better, more patient and peaceful person.
I make an intention for the purity and health of the earth...I also make intentions to open my life up to new possibilities.

We must remind ourselves every single day why we are here....
We are all powerful creative beings that have the power to change our lives.
We can absolutely change things just by the way we think and talk to ourselves, to each other...

We should not underestimate ourselves.

I see Kannon make amazing things happen every single day.
He creates worlds, understanding, peace...he is his own creator.

He looks at "problems" as gifts instead.
He takes on everything with stride and with beauty.
We can absolutely create our own language... a new language for ourselves.
A more positive look on life...change the negative to a positive, stop inviting in bad thoughts.
Stop living life like there is constantly a deadline to meet.
Slow down a bit...reflect, enjoy, take life in...

Think good, say good, do good.
Another life lesson compliments of Kannon.

Just a thought for the day...

peace :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kannon has always had a great sense of humor...adventure...spontaneity.
People sometimes ask if kids with Autism can have a sense of humor...a personality...
Well here is a little story for you, maybe this will help answer that.

His recent aversion (thanks to Autism :)) is his clothing, specifically dirty clothing.
If he gets a drop of water on his shirt, pants or underwear they are coming off. God forbid spaghetti sauce or dirt gets on him...

We were in Big Lots this afternoon strolling through the Christmas aisles of boxes, wrapping paper, and lights.
I found myself so happy...I LOVE Christmas. I love the decorations, smells, colors, weather...everything.
I was drifting off into a magical wonderland of joy and tinsel when all of a sudden I realize Kannon has run into a different aisle.

I hear him jibber jabbering to himself and when I walk around the corner into a few aisles over there is my beautiful stalky boy with his shirt off and attempting to put a princess dress on over his rather large head...
He was stuck and not particularly pleased that he was stuck in the pink satin dress with white bows everywhere.

I had to stop a moment and just laugh...
Then we had to regroup, take the princess dress off and attempt to find his discarded shirt.
Now I have no idea if the "no shirt, no shoes" policy applies to children, but Big Lots apparently is fairly understanding in this case.

We had an employee helping us look for his shirt, and eventually a nice old lady pitched in too.
All the while Kannon was being tugged around by one red faced smiling mother without his shirt on.

We eventually found the shirt in the box aisle, and when I looked down to put it on him.....
Wouldn't you know it he had managed to snag 2 rolls of masking tape, a barbie doll, some green ribbon, a pack of Christmas cards, and a Santa hat....oh and we had to buy the pink princess dress since his girlish figure managed to rip the entire backside.

That's my boy :)

p.s. the very sweet elderly lady who was helping us look for Kannon's shirt did eventually ask, "does your son talk, or is he always this well behaved?"

peace :)