Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all
And sweetest is the gale is heard; and sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm...
~Emily Dickinson

Sunday, October 14, 2012

the gloves are off...for now

The constant fights we go through daily for our children living with Autism is something that I have accepted as a part of my life and something that I feel is just as important as...breathing.
I breathe in, I breathe out...sometimes to calm my mind, other times without a thought.
I do the same with fighting for Kannon.
I just do.
Sometimes it's easier than others, and sometimes it takes a toll on me...and sometimes I fight because I have no choice if Kannon has a chance for a better life.

If you read my past few posts they were in regards to our battle with Kannon's Health Insurance company to pay for services that by California law they have to...yet they always find their "loopholes" that allow them to pass the buck off to someone else, or just stop the buck period.
After months of back and forth, 3 grievances, 2 appeals and getting the CA dept of health involved we are still in a stand still with them...or so I thought.

I received news yesterday that this particular Health Insurance company has decided to re evaluate their position on the new law and that they have decided to work with families and other ABA vendors.
Basically, the number of families who decided to fight back finally outweighed the cost of them saying NO.
Finally after months and months of families fighting back, calling them every day, sending them the files, reports, and stats that proved them wrong...they finally realized the overwhelming reality of it all.
Autism is not going away, and neither are the strong headed parents who have had to fight for every minute of every day for their child...who know a love and patience in the face of diversity like no other.
They heard the voices and persistence of the life of Autism.

This is a great victory for Autism, and for families living with it.
Hundreds of families will now get the help they need and deserve.
It may be a small victory, but one nonetheless.

Sometimes when I go through times like these I get overwhelmed.
I tend to loose sight of the BIG picture, that these fights I fight for will and do make a difference.
That when families like mine step up and speak our experiences it will make a dent in the system who desperately needs our voices and help.
A system that without the persistence of families who know better can help families that are just starting out in this confusing, scary journey.

I know some amazing people that have fought heartbreaking fights for the better of Autism.
People who fight out of pure love and hope for their children.
I just want to remind them that their energy, time and examples are making a difference...
They are paving a smoother road for future families.
Your love is shining through more than you know.

I am grateful for my journey and for being inspired by watching others.

I do wish Autism never existed.
But it does.
It needs our help, our voices, our fight.

Keep fighting the good fight.
We may never see the results of some of our efforts, but we need to remind ourselves that this fight is bigger than we are...it will take some time.
I suppose in the meantime we must survive on the strength of our love as parents.
On knowing that nothing worthwhile is never easy.

Knowing that these kids need our voices, because god knows if they could talk about it all they would set all of us straight.


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  1. I'm sending you the biggest hugs right now, Kary. :-) Soooo happy for you and all the other families there who have won this battle. You are so right, we must keep fighting the good fight. Your love as a mother to Kannon is enough, no check that, MORE than enough for you to pull through this barrier. YOU are the inspiration for all of us...