Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all
And sweetest is the gale is heard; and sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm...
~Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It was Thursday, May 13th.
A day I will never forget.

I delivered a baby.
With my own two hands.

Here is the story:
About 10:30 am I am standing in my kitchen starting to clean up for the day of therapists to arrive at the house.
Kyle and I are talking and all of a sudden we hear some screaming outside the house.
After about 15 seconds of this, we run outside and standing in our driveway is our neighbor with the most fearful look I have ever seen on a face.

neighbor: "I'm in labor and I'm going to have the baby NOW"
me: "NO you are not"...I grab my phone while escorting her back to her home and call 911.
kyle: "Should I drive her to the hospital?"
neighbor: "My water just broke, it's coming, please help me"
me: "Calm down, did you call 911? Just calm down we will help you"
neighbor: "Please help, the baby is coming..."
me: "Go lay down on your back, go lie down and I will be right there"

I think at this point I have run back and forth between our houses at least 3 times in sheer panic.
I got off the phone with 911, grabbed a bunch of towels and back to the neighbor whom had listened to me and laid down on her back in the entrance of the home.
I put a towel under her butt and prayed for the ambulance to somehow magically appear right then.

neighbor: "I want to push, the baby is coming I can feel it...I need to push"
me: "Please just hold tight, the paramedics are on their way"
neighbor: "It's coming...the baby's head is coming"
kyle: "Kary what do you want me to do?"
me: "Watch her kids, make sure they are o.k."

YES, she had two other kids who were in the car in the driveway screaming and crying...ages 3 and 1.5...
She was attempting to pack her car up to go to the hospital.
So, Kyle stood by the car trying to calm the kiddos and I braced myself for the next 3 minutes.

neighbor: "Please help, the baby is coming NOW"

SO, at this point there was not turning back...no time to think things out...action needed to happen...
I quickly removed her shoes and pants, and sure enough there was the baby's head sticking out...full head of hair and all.

NOW, I don't know how many of you have watched live births.
I saw one video while I was in birthing classes and that was more than enough for me.
Here I was now right in the "mix" of it all.
SO many beautiful colors of liquids and odors are everywhere...it truly is something I cannot accurately describe without making you throw up.

Anyways, as I see this baby's head sticking out I am wondering why in the hell the ambulance has not come yet.
So I am trying to calm her down, rubbing her leg telling her how great she is doing...
Then, the moment of truth came.

She looked at me with pure fear in her face and said "Why isn't the baby crying, I can't hear it"
I don't know if it was motherly instincts or pure gut reaction, but I immediately told her to "PUSH, Just push"...

2 pushes later a baby literally flew into my arms and into this world.
I stopped for a second to take it all in...just stood there with this little life in my hands...
I somehow knew to swipe its mouth of fluids and gave it a gentle pat on the back...and there was the cry...the first cry.
I turned the baby onto it's back, wiped it's tiny little head as well as I could, wrapped it in a towel and handed it over to momma.

me: "Congratulations it's a boy"...

About 1 minute later the firetruck pulled up and the paramedics.
I turned around and looked at Kyle standing in the driveway with my hands out dripping in "goo" and we just looked at each other in pure shock.
We had no words for what we just went through...

They took her away with a healthy baby boy in her arms, and that was that.

A day we will never forget.



  1. Holy crap! You just made me cry! That's amazing. I guess we always do know what to do. Instinctually. No matter what the situation :)

  2. You never cease to amaze, Miss Kary. I love it :)

  3. wow, that was definitely a once in a lifetime deal. Great job momma! And like your friend, I almost cried too lol