Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all
And sweetest is the gale is heard; and sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm...
~Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

April 2...Autism Awareness Day

It should be more than a day, but I'll take it.

Those of us who write about living with Autism day after day try to bring awareness to the disorder in a way that humanity should see it...the good, the bad, the truth.
I respect all the people out there more than I could express for their every day battles with the disorder, their child, society, doctors...but most of all with themselves.
I see so much love within these people, so much spirit...it is truly inspiring.

So to them, to YOU...you are inspiring whether you know it or feel it.
You are the reason your child braves another day when they no longer can hold their own little heads up.
You are a voice for them when you look at their faces and read what they need...what they are fighting so hard to say to you...to the world...
You are their punching bag when their body releases itself...even though I know they hate that they can't stop hurting themselves, and you.
You are truly all they have at the end of the day.

We may not always know what to do or know what the "right" thing to do is, but we keep fighting for another day for our children.
We keep fighting for the chance that one day they may just walk up to us, quiet bodies, hold our hands, look us in the eye and say to us-

"Thank you...I Love you and know all that you did for me.
I watched you the whole time fight, cry, and smile at all my crossroads.
Thank you for not giving up on me...for loving me in the worst of times...and for always holding my hand and talking to me even though I could not talk to you.
Thank you."

If only one day I could hear those words, or any variation of them :)...I would have validation that it was all for something...something bigger than myself and Autism.
I would know what I already feel with all my heart and soul...just like all of you who fight for every moment.

That is what we should make humanity "aware" of...
That a day of recognizing this disorder is like an eternity of hopes, dreams, and trials for us who have and will live with it for the rest of our lives.
We sometimes have to fight for minutes...seconds with our kids...it is that intense.

So a day to raise awareness for Autism, I'll take it...
Let's use it wisely though.
Eventually as a society we need to transition into fighting for lives...for resources...a cure.

But for now, my praise, my heart and support goes out to all of you who fight every day for your child.
It is the parent(s) who should receive the awareness.
For without us, there will be no future hope for Autism, it is our love that drives this journey.

We can argue biomedical, causes, vaccinations, diets, etc. ALL day long if we wanted.
Let's not.
Let's try coming together and raising the level of compassion and love for these kids so that they may thrive in our society...so that they can grow up with examples of love around them, not debates.
And lastly, if you know someone who is raising a child with Autism, offer your support, love and praise...
You never know what a difference you might make if you try.

peace :)

In honor of this day I wanted to share a personal slideshow...if you want to watch it here it is...
The video at the end is very personal and something I haven't shared until now...
In hopes of a better understanding, compassion and acceptance.

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  1. Oh, Kary, as I was reading this post I was thinking how beautiful it was and tears were welling up in my eyes. And then I watched your slide show...all the way to the very end... and my tears turned into full-on sobbing. They are tears for the wonder and beauty of your son and for my son too~a lot of similarities and so many changes in the past two years for both of us. My tears are full of joy for the connections and changes and growth. They are tears of determination to press on and continue to fight the good fight for my son and for all the sons and daughters on the Autism Spectrum and their families. Again, your blog has touch my heart in such an amazing way~ thank you.

  2. Kary I am so ecstatic to see the distance Kannon has come!! You guys are so amazing. That video brought back so many cherished memories of the time I spent with all of you and how Kannon has had such an impact on my life. Thank you for sharing him with the world.